The view from above Grindells’ Hut. Working with all materials at hand; as to whether it’s painting or drawing, it doesn’t really matter. This was the second work of the day, not a bad work but I was looking for something bolder, harsher and structurally stronger (words I associate with this particular landscape). The next day I worked with the same general view from a different vantage point…

and this work captured what I was thinking…

‘Gammon Ranges I’ Mixed media on paper, 78 x 109cm

(postscript – Some months later I successfully reworked the initial drawing back in the studio. Days of work with fine sandpaper to get parts of the page back to a pristine state in order to rework a few crucial marks. Many ways to skin a cat I guess.)

Tim Allen: Artist Profile 2014

Peaks and Valleys exhibition catalogue 2015

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