Dobell Prize Art Gallery of NSW

‘Folded and faulted sediment III’ 110 x 140cm mixed media on paper, finalist Dobell Prize 2012 This year the judge Aida Tomescu selected 47 finalists from 639 entrants. The Prize is on display at the… Read More

Art prizes November 2012

About six years ago I made the decision to start entering art prizes on a semi regular basis. Since then I’ve had a couple of good runs of being hung in things, followed a year or… Read More

Painting the Everglades October 2012

‘Tim Allen, Rhett Brewer, Michael Herron and Leo Robba are mates. They all live in the Blue Mountains and are all professional artists. So it makes perfect sense that they should put on a combined… Read More

Northern Flinders Ranges June 2012

The view from above Grindells’ Hut. Working with all materials at hand; as to whether it’s painting or drawing, it doesn’t really matter. This was the second work of the day, not a bad work but… Read More

Monaro residency and Plein Air Painting Prize

During Easter 2012 myself and fellow artists Charmaine Pike, Michelle Hungerford and Michael Herron spent some time working plein air at a farm in the Monaro Plains, courtesy of Defiance Gallery. As the photo indicates, it had… Read More

Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing 2012

Selected by John McDonald, who chose 48 finalists from the 428 entries. ‘Ridgelines’ 100 x 125cm, mixed media on paper, 2012 ‘This drawing was produced at the end of a series of work based on… Read More